Braemar Equestrian Centre
Livery Packages
DIY or "Pick Your Own" Livery packages available (see separate page for cost and further details)

Training (on your own horse)
Showjumping or flatwork training with Nicky Janaway : £14 per half hour session

Cross country training with Nicky Janaway : £20 per horse - you hire a course somewhere, maximum group size 6

Facilities Hire
Hire of International Flexiride Arena : £14 per half hour

Hire of showjumps when erected in paddock : £14 per half hour

Show Hire of Facilities
Hire of all facilities for "Show Hire" £28 per hour to include use of the following:-
Showjumps (either in the paddock or erected in the International arena)
International arena can be laid out with "white boards" for dressage if required
Coffee Room
Toilet facilities
Mains water
Walking of horses through and touching of horses in the stable yard is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN

Horse transport (not show transport)
Type 1 AHVLA qualified driver for journeys of up to 8 hours (lapsed)
£1.00 per mile unloaded (i.e., from here to your yard to pick up and back again to here)
£1.50 per mile with "one up"
£2.00 per mile with "two up"
Insurance to be arranged by owner of horse(s) and is the owner's sole responsibility
Vehicle : Mitsubishi Shogun with RAC and PRP cover
Trailer : Ifor Williams 510, suitable for up to 17.3hh
Horse Passport must be provided with horse for transportation

Holiday/Temporary Stabling 
Stable or paddock : £20 per night per horse
Lorry parking : £5 per night
Hire of mobile home : £20 per night (double bedroom and one two singles bedroom)
Tent in field : £5 per night
Own caravan/motor home : £10 per night
Use of menage, stable yard including toilet and coffee room which has microwave and hot and cold water is included in the above charges